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Fenfiber Fenugreek Fiber Supplement Capsules for Heartburn GERD Indigestion

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Fenfiber for Heartburn relief, naturally!


Over the past several months I have been suffering with GERD. This product dramatically helped reduce my heartburn so I could at least get a good night sleep. If you suffer from heartburn please take my advice and try a bottle. This product is so reasonably priced it’s worth a chance to get some life back.

Garry - Winnipeg, Manitoba

I've had GERD bad for around 5 years... it's been a nightmare. I've tried everything, and I mean everything. All sorts of doctors both natural and traditional (10+). The amount of supplements would be over $8,000. I've also tried gluten free and organic food only but this is really working. I can't really believe it. Not sure what to say but it can't be just the fiber. I've tried tons of fiber just not this type. I might try fenugreek along with this. Awesome!

Scott B. - Ontario, Canada

This stuff has been a life saver for me the last 4 or 5 months dealing with heartburn or I should say eliminating heartburn. Didn't realize it reduces cholesterol as well.

Barry V. - Saskatchewan, Canada

Tomorrow will be one month and I am still off my GERD/heartburn medication and feeling great! I had been on that medication for 15 years and every time I tried to go off the rebound heartburn was so brutal I had to go back on. I never had anything like Fenfiber which healed my gut! I have been recommending your product to my friends who struggle with chronic heartburn!

Tara A. - Saskatchewan, Canada

I have been using FenFiber for close to 10 years now. I used to suffer from hypoglycemia at least once or more per week. It was very disconcerting when instantly I would get the shakes and I knew I needed sugar right now! I began taking FenFibre; 4 gel caps in the morning and another 4 before bed. Now it is highly unlikely that I suffer a single hypoglycemic reaction in year anymore.
My belief is that a solid balanced gut health is key to an all around healthy life and I think that FenFiber is an integral part of that health for me.

Mel F. - Aberdeen, Saskatchewan

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