Our Roots

The Fenugreek plant for Fenfiber Supplement for Heartburn, Gerd, Digestion     

 Small Farm and Big Vision

From humble beginnings, Fenfiber, a plant-based fenugreek supplement, sprouted from a small farm in Avonlea, Saskatchewan by an innovative farmer. This farmer was looking for a healthier future and a natural solution to aiding his family's issues with diabetes and being prone to high blood sugar levels. That farmer, Blaine Sudom,  with pioneering spirit and a quest for a healthier family, had one thing in mind  — FENUGREEK.

Fenfiber is a Plant-Based Supplement for Heartburn, GERD, Acid Reflux Relief

A Plant with Promise

Fenugreek fenfiber health supplement for heartburn, Gerd, digestive systemProving to grow well in the Saskatchewan climate, fenugreek was cultivated using traditional methodologies. Relatively unknown in North America, the fenugreek plant was traditionally used for centuries in Southeast Asian as a food, spice, and for supporting or maintaining one's health through Ayurveda practices. Over a period of 10 years, this farming family developed a specialized and unique technology that separated the fenugreek fiber from the fenugreek seed without the use of chemicals or additives.

A Natural Solution

Wanting to start something more and through sharing his knowledge and trailblazing spirit with his son — Nathan  — the farm would soon envision and develop Fenfiber - a natural, water-soluble fiber.

Fenfiber was quickly discovered by friends and family to not just support a healthy blood sugar level but to also suppress heartburn and GERD symptoms. In fact, it worked so well that acid reflux relief has become the primary use of Fenfiber. And a vital benefit to our product as a heartburn remedy is that it does not have a negative effect on one’s gut health like an antacid or other medication. 

Our Assurance to You

Fenfiber has been nurtured through reputation and a family’s passion to make sure each bottle contains the highest standard of care and quality. Every bottle is local, Canadian-grown and produced. Every bottle is traceable to the farm where it was grown. This knowledge and assurance cannot be found anywhere else. This assurance gives you and your family peace of mind and Fenfiber it’s deserved and highly-regarded reputation.


Fenfiber is dedicated to food safety and is a registered manufacturer under Health Canada's Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate. 
Fenfiber Fenugreek Natural Health Supplement for Heartburn, Gerd, Digestion