heartburn doesn't have to control your life

What our customers think

Scott B

Ontario Canada

I've had GERD bad for around 5 years.... It's been a nightmare. I've tried everything. All sorts of doctors both natural and traditional (10+). The amount of supplements would be over $8,000. I've also tried gluten free and organic food only but this is really working. I can't really believe it. Not sure what to say but it can't be just the fiber. I've tried tons of fiber just not this type. I might try fenugreek along with this. Awesome!

Barry V

Saskatchewan, Canada

This stuff has been a life saver for me the last 4 or 5 months dealing with heartburn or should I saw eliminating heartburn. Didn't realize it reduces cholesterol as well. 

Tara A

Saskatchewan, Canada

Tomorrow will be one month and I am still off my GERD/heartburn medication and feeling great! I had been on that medication for 15 years and every time I tried to go off the rebound heartburn was so brutal I had to go back on. I never had anything like FenFiber which healed my gut! I have been recommending your product to my friends who struggle with chronic heartburn!

100%  Premium Quality

FenFiber is made in a Health Canada licensed facility with premium fenugreek seeds that are 100% Grown in Canada to ensure that our product is of the highest quality.