Questions and Product Information

Tired of heartburn medications?

We've had hundreds of customers who have been able to wean themselves off their heartburn medications. Take control of your heartburn naturally by using FenFiber®. 

What is FenFiber®?

FenFiber® is a fenugreek fiber that is derived from the fenugreek seed.  It takes about 100 grams of seed to create 25 grams of FenFiber®. 

All of the fenugreek used to create FenFiber® is grown in Canada.  Each bottle can be traced to the Saskatchewan farmer who grew it.  

FenFiber® recommended intake

We recommend people start by taking 1-2 capsules, with a full glass of water, at night or in the morning to start off when treating heartburn. 

If heartburn continues try taking 1-2 capsules at least 10-15 minutes before each meal.

FenFiber® Safety 

Fenugreek seeds have been used as a spice in cooking for thousands of years. 

All of the fenugreek seeds used in the production of FenFiber® have been grown by local Canadian farmers under strict growing parameters.  Additionally, every single batch of production is tested by a third party lab to ensure it is safe.  

Emerald Seed Products Ltd has a Health Canada license that ensures FenFiber® is manufactured under the highest quality and food safety standards.  

FenFiber® Science 

The predominant fiber in FenFiber® is a soluble fiber consisting of a mannose backbone with galactose side units. The molecular structure makes it difficult for digestive enzymes to break down FenFiber® in the digestive tract.

    FenFiber® Specifications

    FenFiber® has a minimum of 90% total dietary fiber content.

    FenFiber® comes in bottles with 120 capsules.