Heartburn and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Heartburn - Know the Facts

How to Get Rid of Heartburn in Pregnancy, Naturally and Safely

We give you the burning facts about treating gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and heartburn during pregnancy.

Getting Rid of Pregnancy Heartburn Naturally and Safely

Many glowing mothers-to-be experience surges of warmth in their chests, that seem to emanate from their hearts.

Sadly, we are not describing maternal warm fuzzies. We’re talking about the torture of heartburn in pregnancy, and if you’re suffering, you’ll know there is nothing poetically heartwarming about that. 

Why do you get heartburn?

Up to 50 per cent of all expecting mothers cite having heartburn at some point in pregnancy. If you’re one of them, or know someone who is, we’ve gathered both anecdotal and scientific evidence on natural heartburn remedies that work.

Why do you get heartburn in pregnancy?

What causes heartburn?

To prepare you for the pain of childbirth? For the terrible twos and teenage years? Kidding aside, the misery of pregnancy acid reflux is no joke.

From mild discomfort to searing agony, there are several causes of GERD symptoms and heartburn while expecting, including:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Slower digestion
  • Spicy, fatty foods
  • Larger meal portions
  • Shifting of stomach as uterus expands

When do you get heartburn in pregnancy? 

What do you do when you get heartburn while pregnant?

Although it can strike any time, it is, not surprisingly, most common after meals or changing positions, like bending or lying down to sleep. Not to be confused with morning sickness, heartburn may occur when rising from bed.

Also known as acid indigestion, or gastric reflux, heartburn in pregnancy usually begins in the second trimester. Many women we’ve spoken to brushed off what they thought was first trimester acid reflux that would eventually go away, but did not. 

As a family-owned business of farmers, us Fenfiber folk have witnessed and experienced the gamut of gastrointestinal issues associated with having a baby. As scientists, although we have anecdotal evidence of fenugreek fiber treating GERD in pregnancy, we also needed to conduct our own research. 

Heartburn in pregnancy remedies

Different methods for treating pregnancy heartburn

Over-the counter pharmaceutical solutions for heartburn are considered temporary solutions. If you are suffering chronic heartburn in pregnancy, it’s important to use something safe for the long term, without side effects (in fact, overuse of some antacids have been proven to have the reverse effect).
Antacids are not ideal ways to prevent heartburn while pregnant

Stronger antacids for severe heartburn may also be prescribed by your doctor, but those aren’t ideal for prolonged use normally, far less pregnancy.

So, what to do?

Treating heartburn in pregnancy naturally

  1. Eat fewer rich and spicy foods.
Prevent Pregnancy Heartburn by Avoiding Spicy & Fatty Foods

“Sugar & Spice and all things nice” as the outdated poem goes, are what little girls are made of. In factual terms, those can be what gastrointestinal woes are made of. Spicy, fatty and sugary foods are the culprits behind heartburn and acid indigestion. We would never dream of telling a mother-to-be to forgo chocolate or spicy butter chicken hankerings (or chocolate curry-- you never know with those cravings!) but you might want to try eliminating rich foods from your diet for a few days and see if there’s improvement.

  1. Don’t Slouch.

Pregnant women should stand up straight to avoid acid reflux

Sorry to sound like your mother, but this article is written by one (and if you’re expecting, it won’t be long until you realize you’re sounding like your mother, too!) Sure, as raging hormones flood our system we might figuratively “get bent out of shape” but sit up as straight as you can when eating. Furthermore, avoid bending to lift, exercising or lying down after eating. (Despite how tempting the last one might be!)

  1. Wear Loose Clothing.

If you are pregnant, make sure to wear loose clothing to prevent acid reflux symptoms

Shrinking clothing and an expanding waistline are just par for the three trimester course! As you grow, make sure your clothes can grow with you by opting for stretchy waistlines. Constrictive clothing can push the food up into the esophagus from the stomach and cause gastric reflux. Ouch.

  1. Drink lots of water.
Drinking lots of water while pregnant will let dilute stomach acids

Throughout the day, be sure you’re getting plenty of water, around 3 litres a day. Although the following might sound counterintuitive, avoid drinking too many fluids while you’re eating, as that will only fill your stomach, causing its contents to travel upwards. And of course, avoid alcohol during pregnancy, for fetal development but also for its tendency to cause and exacerbate heartburn.

  1. Try natural alternatives to antacids

For pregnancy heartburn, try a natural soluble gel solution, like Fenfiber

OTC heartburn relief is often recommended by doctors, but it’s important to understand your natural antacid options, especially during pregnancy.  We have collected clinical and anecdotal evidence to support that fenugreek seed fiber is a safe, gentle, and effective natural heartburn remedy for pregnant women.

Fenfiber’s unique and powerful fenugreek seed fiber quickly turns into a soothing gel once ingested, coating your gastric tract and preventing occurrences of acid reflux and heartburn.

Wish to try it out for yourself? Order now.  As a family-operated business, we only deliver products that we give our own loved ones.

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